As if I hadn’t have had enough holidays this summer I flew to Mallorca with my mum and my stepfather, probably for the 14th time in my life. This is why I use to call the island my second home. Most of our family vacations were spend here and I really have a deep connection with this place.

The house we rented was in Cala D’Or and extremely close to the shore, were I used to sit and watch the sun come up or go down. We also had a car and drove around from time to time, to visit old places and find new beaches. One of them was completely natural and not even crowded that much.

But most of the time I spent by the swimming pool, reading the second and third book of Stieg Larssons Millenium-Trilogy. I barely have read better books yet in my life, and I have the strong desire to return to Sweden anytime soon.

Right now I have to say good bye to my second home, somehow I feel like I won’t come back anytime soon, since I am desperate to explore new places in new countries. But I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t my last visit here.

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