This was probably the most spontanious trip I’ve ever made. When I woke up in the morning I felt the need to see the mountains. So I sat on the train.

After just a few hours I arrived in Goslar. From there the journey continued with a bus ride to the higher located Clausthal-Zellerfeld. But already the way itself is incredible! While the bus was wiggling through the wooded hills I was astonished by the landscape outside the window and for many times I wished the driver would just stop so I could take a photo of another beautiful bridge crossing a mountain river.

Clausthal itself measured up to my expectations as well. Many oft he houses were pretty colourful and built of wood, which I always like, and the church Marktkirche zum Heiligen Geist from 1639 rather looks like she was built in Scandinavia, too.

The Nationalpark Harz, one of the largest in Germany, I explored during a little hike on the afternoon. As soon as I discovered the first little lake I was hooked of the nature here. Little later I got company. A farmers dog followed me for a few minutes on my way, such a sweet fellow!

Togehter we found another, even greater lake, which made me think I was rather in the Alps than in the North of Germany. Perfect mountain idyll.

I continued wandering through field and forests, passed a small, abandoned farm, until Clausthal appeared on the horizon again. What a great idea I had this morning!

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