Sheep, sunsets, sandy beaches – this wonderful combination awaited me in St. Peter Ording at atlantic coast of Germany.

To escape the trouble of the big city, I headed to the north of the republic. For too much time had passed since I last saw the sea!

What I really like about the life at the coast is the relaxed attitude towards life and the huge tendency for slowing it down, like it’s in nearly all countryside regions. Here the clocks are not ticking as fast as in a metropole.

I could really feel that, when I was standing at St. Peters beach and a stiff breeze ruined my hairstyle. The ocean makes me feel tiny and insignificant every time, but then I feel overhappy with that.

My highlight was a swing at the beach, where you have a great view on the wuthering sea. Just as beautiful as the sunset that day, which illuminated the whole landscape it a kind of magical light. I always feel like sunsets are twice as brilliant when you are near the seaside.

The other day I drove to Westerhever and visited its famous lighthouse. Unfortunately the weather was typical nordic that day, so that I only shot the scene from the distance. Which had the positive aspect of getting some of the sheep into the frame, which were running all over the dike.

I am pretty sure that I will return next year, if only for a day. For a visit at the ocean is always rewarding and good for the soul!

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