It’s crazy how fast my two weeks here in the best country in the world went over. I saw so many wonderful places and made new friends, so I’m very grateful for that trip. I also know now that my swedish is alright, but that I definitely need practise. A lot of.

My last here day was kinda crazy. The plan was to enjoy the sunny weather in the bathing resort Båstad, half the way from Lund to Göteborg, which I have visited two weeks before to watch IFK winning. My first time in Gamla Ullevi. Anyway, I had a nice time in Båstad, shooting the houses and the beach, eating a pizza at the harbour and watching the sun sink into the ocean. Then I wanted to catch the last train back to Lund and go back home to Germany the next day.

Unfortunately there was some chaos with the trains, and so I ended up in the last train to Göteborg, so wrong direction. I wasn’t the only one, thank god. A mother with her 8-year old daughter and a teenage girl were also lost in the middle of nowhere. We all had left the train after three stations and nobody could help us. After half an hour the father of the girl came to pick us up and brought me and the mother plus her child to Ängelholm. They had already invited me to spend the night in their shed in a garden areal of town, which I was very thankful for. I already had visions of sleeping in Göteborgs central station. But I was lucky once again and on top of that get to know some really nice people. Just my return to Germany was delayed for one day, but there are worse things in the world than having to stay in Sweden for an extra day.

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