One big difference between travelling alone and travelling with friends is: Finding a destination that satisfies everyone in the group!

When me and my four friends Laura, Robin, Niklas and Luisa decided to spend our summer vacations together, we really had to discuss literally for months, where we would go and where not. I normally prefer colder regions in the north like Canada or Scandinavia, Niklas for example just wanted to have a beach and hot weather. Laura and Robin didn’t want to spend too much money, so please, no intercontinental flights. And so on, and so on. Not that easy. But finally we managed to find something, everyone would quickly become very excited about:

The Puresurfcamp in Moliets-et-Maa on the french westcoast. None of us ever had a real surflesson, but everyone was crazy for trying it. Soon we decided to spend another two nights in Paris, after the week in the surfcamp. Since then everyone of us was counting the days!

We started yesterday evening and we needed around 14 hours to go from the cold autumn of Germany to the hot summer of France. 28 degrees welcomed us today in Moliets. After checking out the beach and eating some Pizza for lunch, we were allowed to go into our mobil home. I got the single-room, of course, which is only 1,80 meters large. The following nights I will have to sleep like a banana, nevertheless I am very happy and excited about what comes next. Tomorrow is our first surf lesson!

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