The first two days of surfing have been amazing! I barely ever experienced a greater feeling than really catching a wave and just feel its flow.

If you ever want to try it out by yourself, probably the most important tipp is: More paddling!

At the beginning I always fell off my board, because I got to excited about the wave and stood up to early. When you think you reached the point of the wave where you should stand up, do two more extra paddles, then you can start thinking about standing up. After our surfteacher explained that to me, it got quite easier for me and I could really enjoy some waves, which is absolutely addictive.

In the evenings we went to beach to wait for the sun to set and watch some surfers catching the last waves of the day. I have to say never before in my life I’ve seen such huge waves as I do here. The Atlantic is definitely a different class than the Baltic or the Mediterran Sea. But that’s just good for surfing, or for people running into the water – and back out again.

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