Unfortunately I missed out the early surflesson in the morning, because I didn’t feel so good after waking up. Luckily my headache got better after a while so we could hit the road down south, when the others returned from their session.

After an hour of driving and 8000 traffic circles we arrived in the wonderful city Biarritz, which is one of the most popular spots for surfing in Europe. And it has a lot more to offer! You can discover some beautfiul bays and a lighthouse, do cliffjumping, enjoy the typical mediterran alleys or visit the local ocean museum and say hi to the most friendly seals. Which we quickly did, to avoid me from getting completely burnt from the sun.

Afterwards we ate delicious but expensive burgers in a tiny street restaurant and then checked out the hundreds of little shops. It was a shame I didn’t had so much money with me, otherwise I’d have bought some pretty cool new shoes I found on a local surf & skate shop.

We kept exploring the centrum of the city for a while, before we sat down near the beach to wait for the sunset. I was wild for taking a timelapse, but had to find the right spot before, which I finally did. The scenery with the surfers in the water, the cliffs and the little castle was pretty amazing, the best surfspot I’ve seen here so far!

For more photos visit the gallery!

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