Our surfcourse is over now. We will still have tomorrow for free surfing, but today we decided to give the spanish side of the Basque Country a visit. They told us you can climb a mountain there, if you want a perfect view over the city and its bay, especially amazing at sunset, they said.

San Sebastian welcomed us with a very dry heat and none of us was too excited about hiking while the sun was standing so high, that’s why we first started to explore the centre of the city with all the old buildings, shops and tapas bars. I really liked the harbor for it looked like a postcard, you know.

Finally it became a little bit less hot and we felt like we could do the hike now. But after five minutes I was completely sweating and my shirt had to go. The way up then was pretty beautiful with trees and a water spring, and thank god the trees covered us with shadow. From above we had a wonderful overview of San Sebastian and the Pyreness.

Unfortunately this was the wrong side, if you want to capture how the sun goes down. So we walked to the other side of the hill and found an even greater look of the whole bay of San Sebastian, and also got refreshed in some sort of Café.

The sunset finally was absolutely breathtaking and definitely the best of the surftrip so far!

For more photos visit the gallery!

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