We have to say good bye now to Moliets as we head to Paris tomorrow. The week we had here let me experience surf for the first time and I think I’m already addicted to it. Not just that it is a lot of fun if you catch a wave, it’s pure happiness! There are barely a few feelings that can compare to the feeling of surf. On top of that I love how you interact with nature in this sport. You strongly depend on what the environment gives you. The waves, current, wind, weather, everything. You really have to adept to the conditions and that’s why it’s so interesting I think. People really learn to respect mother nature, you know.

So I hope that I will continue surfing in the future. In Paris there will be no surfing, though I’m superexcited for the weekend we will spend there! In 2012 I’ve been there for the first and only time so far, and I can’t wait to walk these streets again. Due I’m the only one of us who has ever been to Paris, I will be some sort of guide I guess. Still don’t know if I will have the guts to climb the Eiffel Tower this time, we will see.

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