Ahh Paris, the city of love! With slight problems we arrived, our car stucked in traffic and people desperatly needing a toilett. But everything went fine, we met Albert and Rachel, the people who gave us their apartment for the weekend in Montmartre and wandered around Sacré-Cœur, which was beautifully illuminated that night.

On sunday we had a fine brunch in a street café and the rolled to the first stop: Louvre. We laughed at the people doing gestics there, they looked so funny, and then went on to the Champs-Élysées and all the way down to the Arc de Triomphe, from where you have an amazing view I think!

Afterwards we had to check the number one thing on every Paris list:
At least to walk underneath it. Since I’m very afraid of heights, and two others of the group as well, we decided not to climb it, but have a drink instead.

Notre Dame was next, but I couldn’t really enjoy this beautiful building, because I wanted to be on the top of Tour Montparnasse, Paris’ highest tower, right at sunset. And of course, the train didn’t come and we had a group of older tourist in the lane infront of us, and so on. Nevermind, even when the sunset wasn’t that amazing, Paris at night from above is still a beautiful view and I hope my friends forgive me that I stressed them so much. By the way, when they turn on the lights on the Eiffel Tower, it looks like a giant christmas tree for me!

On our last morning in France we had breakfast just at the foot of the Sacré-Cœur, just imagine this as an everday routine.. Incredible! From inside the Basilica is just as beautiful as from outside, but you’re not allowed to take pictures, so you either believe me or go by yourself.

As you see on one of the photos from above, we spotted Dôme des Invalides from the birds eye view. It’s the place where Napoleon is parked or something like that. In any case it’s very pompous and we didn’t spend too much time there.
We strolled next to the Seine and finally arrived our last destination of the trip where it all started: LOUVRE!

Here we started the competition “who can find Mona Lisa first, without looking on a map”. As expectet, my start was terrible. I found myself in the Orientalic Antiquity or something like that. Far away from french paintings and Mona Lisa. After getting completely lost, I finally managed to find a picture of Mona Lisa with an arrow and made the fourth place out of five. But is was still a lot of fun!

After having our final dinner in a cute restaurant, we hit the road to go back home to Germany, with a lot of memories and stories in our bags.

For more photos visit the gallery!

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