Occasionally I’ve been able to spend a few days in the beautiful town of Würzburg, located in Bavaria in southern Germany. The first thing I saw after my arrival was Fortress Marienberg, the town’s famous landmark. Immediately I decided to climb my way up there. The way wasn’t so easy and I really got sweaty in the afternoon sun, but it was really worth it. The whole building, which was built over a couple of centuries, is quite impressing and the view is just breathtaking! Up on top there, I realised how many churches there are in Würzburg. Since I read „The Pillars of the Earth“ a few years ago, I admire these kind of buildings, and I counted at least a dozen.

So when I returned to the center of the city, I searched for some of the impressing buildings I saw from above. And I found some really beautiful constructed monuments from another time. Furthermore I got the tip, that Würzburg Residence is part of the UNESCO world heritage and I should definitely give it a visit. No sooner said than done! The residence has a beautiful garden and somehow it was not difficult to tell Frenshmen were involved when it was constructed. The sun was still out, so I sat down on a bench in the park and started to continue reading Dorian Gray.

I forgot time and space, but suddenly remembered that I wanted to be at the river when the sun sets, because that is where all the locals enjoy the last sunrays of the day. So I needed to hurry up, rushed through the town and just got there in time. I was rewarded with a wonderfully faded sky that completed the great impression I got from this magnificent town.

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