When Katrin visited me in Hanover, it was her first visit to the city ever. Therefore I came up with the idea of showing her my town in a very touristic way, by walking the Red Line. This is a 4,2 km long circuit through the centre of Hanover. That way we made sure she saw the 36 most famous sights of Lower Saxony’s capital and got a good first impression of her future home (hopefully). Thankfully we had wonderful, sunny spring weather, which made us even more excited to walk the line.

Next on the map was the area around Aegidientorplatz with the New Town Hall and the half destroyed Aegidienkirche. Unfortunately we were unable (or just too blind) to find point 6 on the list, which should have been old relicts of the Aegidientor. Please drop a note if you can help some lost tourists out.

Just a few meters further you find the Kubus art gallery which looks kinda artsy from outside as well (in my opinion). Judge by yourself.

Next you just cross the road to reach the New Town Hall and the Tramplatz in front of it. Here we had our first break and I ate between 2 and 5 Knoppers. The light was so pretty there and we stayed for a while, soaking up the warmth from the sun. Then we went inside to cool down and Katrin had to pose for me, again.

In the backyard of the Town Hall there is the Maschteich, one of my favourite places around, where I often sit down under a tree to read a book and watch the children feeding the ducks. Also the Maschsee isn’t far, another favourite spot, where we sat down for longer on the shore and imagined that we are at the ocean, somewhere far away.

We finally finished the circuit by walking past Wangheimpalais, Waterloo, Leineschloss and right into the medieval old town district of Hanover where you find the Marktkirche and a lot of stud work houses. Also there was a flew market where I got myself a new old book about plants. No jokes please.

The circuit ends “unterm Schwanz” which means under the Ernst August memorial in front of the main station. We needed around 4 hours for the whole trip and it was really fun. For finishing this wonderful day off, we climbed the roof of the Ernst August Gallerie and enjoyed watching the sun coming down.

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