When I visit Katrin we always enjoy to drive around hunting for new beautiful places where we can wander around and take tons of photos. This time actually it wasn’t intended to be a long drive into the unknown since we decided to go to lake Möhnesee which is only around 15 minutes away from where Kathrin lives.

In fact we needed way longer (way, way longer, it felt like minimum 2 hours to me) because Katrin seemed to be more focused on her singing-along-in-the-car to Kraftklub than finding the correct way to our destination. And I am no help as a navigator anyway..

Nevertheless I can’t really blame anyone in the car because our incapability of reading maps and traffic signs brought us an unintentional roadtrip on which we had so much fun, although we were completely lost. Only the lack of snacks already started to bother me.

When we finally arrived at the lake I was very impressed by the different levels of the waterscape. As you see in the pictures below it is a barrier lake and walking on top of the dam felt kinda scary too me. You see, I’m a tough guy.

Then we decided to take the shortest way around the lake. Actually there are about 7 or 8 bridges over the lake, so you can choose your route which I think is a pretty good thing. The longest is fortysomething kilometers long if I remember correctly, which was impossible for us to take since I had to be back at work on monday morning. So as I already mentioned there where thankfully shorter paths to circle the lake.

And by shorter I mean we still had to walk around 4 or 5 hours. And as I mentioned before as well, we had no snacks with us, just a bottle of water for two people. So after the unintentional roadtrip we also had an unintentional hike that day. You see, we both are unbelievable bad with maps.

No moaning though, the forests that surround the lake are absolutely beautiful and when the sun began to set we got some fantastic light shining through the trees. At the end of the day we sat down on the shore of the lake and watched the sun completely disappear. Both starving for pizza or any food in general we still agreed that this day of total unexpectedness had to be repeated rather sooner than later.

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