Deers, sheep, wild boars and even lynxes, all of them Katrin and I were able to have an eye on when we visited Wildpark Bilsteintal near Warstein.

First we started with feeding the deers, then we went on towards the area where the wild boars live. There we saw the first highlight, because one of them had young boar which were heartmeltingly cute.

Next we carried on towards the lynxes, but from the visitors spot we couldn’t find any. Luckily we had the idea to walk past the compound and there they were – three superfluffy lynxes snoozling behind a tree. We really had to keep calm in order to not scream in joy. We both never saw lynxes in real life before (next step would be to see them in their natural habit) and this made us so happy. We even saw a fourth one who hold naptime in the open space.

We finished the day by visting the other deer park, saying hello to the sheep and climbing the highest point of the Wildpark.

On our way back we stopped the car and walked a hidden path upwards to a little church near Belecke. From there we also had a decent view over the city.

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