The sun was up, so we decided to go on another little exploration around the Anröchte area. We discovered that there should be a ruin of an old castle somewhere inside a 20-minute drive. Full of expectations we hit the road, found the place easily and got even more excited by the beautiful surrounding. Little streams, green trees and fields everywhere. When we finally saw the ruin the excitement disappeared a bit. “Well.. that’s it?” we asked ourselves. Only two tiny pieces of brickwork were left. Nevertheless we got some obligatory touri shots and strolled around the mighty castle for a while.

We then came up with the idea of looking on google maps if there is anything else interesting in the area. And yes, actually there were a little lake and a few small rivers pretty close. We could even hear the frogs from the distance. So finding the lake pretty much made up for the disappointment the castle ruin gave us. Katrin was busy trying to catch a frog (apparently she needs a prince) while I was taking some pictures of her unsuccesful tries and of the environment of the lake, trying out some macro shots I don’t use to do so often.

After a while I saw something swimming through the lake in the distance. Since I’m shortsighted and don’t take my glasses with me when I use my camera, I couldn’t figure out what it was. Actually I thought they were ducks. Some time later I started browsing through my shots while my girlfriend was still hunting for Prince Charming when I suddenly realised that those weren’t ducks but beavers or something. That was the moment where Katrin got very mad at me for being such a blind lucky ass. Now she wanted to see some as well but the family seemed to be gone. I knew that this would frustrate her till the end of the day/week/month/year, so we started to walk the whole area, hoping for the cute rodents to show up again.

We walked for about an hour along tiny rivers and canals but didn’t see any more animals (apart from ducks.. ironically). But just when we were about to return to the car, we spotted a majestic swan in the middle of another lake. And just when I was about to take a shot Katrin screamed because she FINALLY spotted a beaver as well. Or wait? Is it a beaver? We both were unsure now, having a closer look at the animal floating through the water. We asked our pokedex/google, which told us that this was rather a muskrat than a beaver. Still very exciting for us. And even more, when her offsprings showed up a little further in the water. After staring for a while we finally let the little family alone and went home, both satisfied with what we have seen today.

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