Thanks to my company America Unlimited I once more had the opportunity to spend some days overseas. This time we went with half of the company for a long weekend in Boston and New Hampshire.

Directly after I set foot on United States ground for the first time ever, we hit the road to drive from Boston to the north towards the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Once again I was flashed by the northern american scenery outside the car window.

In Meredith, NH, we spent our first evening by just having a little sunset walk at one of the three big lakes in that region, eating really good food and trying to recover from the many stresses of a traveller.

The following day we continued our journey towards Mt. Washington. I voted for hiking up the mountain, but was surprisingly outvoted. Thank god! The hike would have taken us around 8 hours and the view wasn’t pleasing at all due to strong fog and clouds that day. Kinda felt like on the moon when we were walking around at the summit.

We did get an important information by our driver though. He told us that the Glenn Ellis Falls are pretty close and since we drove past so many great photo stops it was about time to have some exploring time. And I am so damn happy that we stopped by! I can’t remember to have ever seen a real waterfall like that before and it was another astonishing experience I’ve been lucky to make.

The day after we continued driving through the colourful landscape of New Hampshire. We may have been a week to early to experience the true Indian Summer, but it was still phenomenal and it made me kinda sick that we had to rush through so many great sights. Thankfully my boss has a heart for poor photography nerds so we stopped at one of these beautiful covered bridges and I didn’t feel so bad anymore after I got some pretty decent shots.

Later we arrived in our hotel in Boston and had a couple of hours before our next appointment. Therefore I grabbed my camera and strolled around a few blocks, trying to soak in the atmosphere in the streets of Boston as much as possible. And to not get hit a by car.

The most exciting highlight of our trip came at our last day though. Four of us jumped on a ship in order to have a little whale watching tour in Massachusetts Bay. I already saw some humpbacks when I went whale watching in Canada, but this time just took my breath away. There were literally a dozen of humpbacks surrounding our little ship and probably even playing curiously with us. And this went on for like an hour. I am not embarrassed to say that I cried a few tears at some point, but this was just such a once in a lifetime experience and I was so thankful for the opportunity to see these might creatures from such a close distance.

Happily sunburnt we went to the Boston airport afterwards, left New England and its wonderful Indian Summer behind and headed back home to Germany.

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