If you are truely buddies with your buddies you have to do buddy stuff from time to time like having a long buddy weekend getaway. Following these wise words me and my best buddies Niklas, Laurent and Marvin packed our bags and headed towards Harz Mountain National Park where we had booked an apartment for the next three days. Everyone got his hopes and expectations for this trip high, and at some point they may have been not so close to each other, but more about that later.

We arrived on friday afternoon and had a rather relaxed evening with a lot of food and stuff. Then saturday came and we already had to face our biggest challenge: Climb the Brocken. The biggest mountain in the northern Germany. 1.142m huge (okay okay, we didn’t start a level zero but you know.. don’t take that away from us). Starting our journey incredibly unprepared we already had problems to find the beginning of the trail. Finally we ended up following some responsible looking people into the forest. It rained heavily and I think 50-75% of the group already regreted the decision they made that morning. For me the way up was pretty amazing, since the whole forest was filled with fog and everything looked so moody. It got even better when the Hogwarts Express chew chewed past us.

After a few hours we reached the summit. Soaking wet we crawled into the summit station in order to heat up and also get the mood up again a bit since everyone got a little grumpy. Some more than others. I don’t want to give any names here, but some people didn’t talk too much on our way back down. Surely everybody loves hiking, eh?

Well recovered from the saturday madness we were furious to conquer another big player of the National Park called the Wurmberg. We were a little bit more lucky with the weather this time (no rain!) and had dinner during our way up, which improved the mood of the group by 2.000 I’d say. The final enemy of this hike was completely terrifying though. To get to the summit we had to climb a stairway with what felt like 10.000 steps to me. I think I might have given up or passed out if there wouldn’t have a Golden Retriever shown up at the end of the stairway to heaven, giving me the so badly needed boost of energy and self-confidence. At the top we had a little Lumumba break and then went down again – by cable car. You can’t have it all, right?

The rest of the time we spent with eating, playing cards, eating, attending an icehockey match (Go Falken!), eating, playing adventure golf and eating. Obviously I enjoyed our buddy weekend a lot, and I think my buddies did so as well (at the end everyone was talking again), so I’m already looking forward to our next adventure!

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