For several months I heard a lot of myths and legends about a Golden Retriever called Bounty.

It took some effort from my side to convince my good friend Niels to arrange a meeting for me and his doggo, but finally the day had come where I was going to meet the vicious predator.

Usually I’m not that excited before a first date, but this time things were quite different. I couldn’t concentrate in the office and my thoughts were wandering all the time. When the clock hit 1 p.m. I grabbed my jacket and ran!

When I first saw Bounty I knew it was love at first sight. Well at least for me. For him.. not so much. He wasn’t really that interested in me to be honest. A short “hello, yes this is dog” and then he went off chasing butterflies or squirrels or ducks or whatever is more interesting than another hooman that wants to stroke your perfectly looking fur.

Nevertheless I was super happy to finally meet this cute little fella and just watch him running around the forest looking happy and fluffy and all that, but why does the Parks and Rec theme come to my mind every time I watch a Goldie stroll around?

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