Ever since I can remember I was a big fan of ski jumping. Therefore I always wanted to visit all four cities in the alps that host a competition of the Four Hills Tournamet (it’s now two out of four since I was in Oberstorf eleven years ago).

The welcome in Innsbruck was better than in Munich, but still a bit frost. This time only light and very slow snow fall, which was actually kinda pretty. I really enjoyed when it got warmer the following days, though. Especially beautiful is a morning walk through the city and alongside the Inn. Finally I was able to soak up some spring sunlight.

OF COURSE i had to visit the Bergiselschanze as well. It’s very easy to access by foot and the hike around the arena is really nice. I only needed to figure out that it’s not bird poop dropping down on me in the forest but melting snow water. Haha. Nature guy.

The view from up there is for sure breathtaking, even though I wasn’t able too move around that much on the panorama terracce of the jumping tower. Haha. Adventure guy.

One of my days I finally used to explore one of the smaller towns around Innsbruck and after a bit of research I chose Hall in Tirol, mostly because I found out it had a nice looking church and that was the kind of stuff I was looking for.

Apart from that Hall has also some charming medieval sceneries that really make you miss Game of Thrones a little.

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