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Sometimes good news are too good to be true. So good that all the time you are thinking some of your friends are playing a cheap joke on you.

A few months ago I got an e-Mail by visitsweden out of nothing. They asked me if I was interested in taking part in their next presstrip to Sweden. A few days in Gothenburg including the Archipelago. First I read the mail three times. Then I asked my flatmate if she understands it the same way as I do. Then I read through the whole mail again. Only then I finally was convinced enough to answer that OF COURSE I want to come! You have to know that Gothenburg is my favourite city, so I got quite hot under the collar.

Flying over Amsterdam I finally landed at Gothenburg Landvetter, from where I took a shuttle bus directly into the centre of Sweden’s second biggest city. There was already Carl from visitsweden waiting for me. Over the past few weeks I already talked through all the details of the trip with him. Carl is from Sweden, but lives in Hamburg for quite a long time now. That’s why his german is pretty good (much better than my swedish) and like most Swedes you already like him from the first moment.

We meet the rest of the group and our swedish guide Kajsa from göteborg, who organised the whole trip for us, at the rather new Comfort Hotel which is located directly at the city’s harbour. Our group is a wild mix of all ages, but all with a journalistic background. Except me. As a “instagrammer” I feel a bit like an outsider (I don’t want to say fraud, but it’s close). We all shall get to each other while walking through the city and the following lunch break.

First we strolled through the magnificient quarter Haga where the old houses and streets charm you with a flair from long gone centuries. Primarly the houses are were nice to look at. Stones at the bottom, wood at the higher floors. Furthermore you get extremly big cinammon rolls here (like really XXL!). Afterwards we had a short fika on our way to lunch, which meant everyone had either coffee or tea. Then finally we got something real to chew. At the Restaurang Gabriel which is located in the famous Feskekôrka (fish church) we had, and let me say not for the last time on this trip, delicious fish. Served by no one else than world champion of oyster opening.

Full and happy we could stretch our legs at the wonderful park of the Garden Society of Gothenburg, before we entered a boat from the Paddan Canal Boats fleet at the Kungsportbron. From the water we got a whole new perspective of the city and a few memorable fun facts from the young swedish guide in front of the boat. For example all the canals in Gothenburg are the legacy of the dutchmen who had a big cultural and architectural impact on the cityscape.

To finish the day off in style we got to know the manager of our hotel. Fredrik chatted with a lot of enthusiasm about the history of the hotel and how the whole quarter is in a constant positive change. Most impressing was of course the view from the hotel’s rooftop where he invited us for a drink, before we had dinner at the restaurant on ground level. We had, of course, fish. This is one thing I had to get used to during my time on the swedish west coast.


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