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On day two we had to wake up super early since a trip to the archipelago at Gothenburg’s coast was on our schedule. The good thing is that you can do such a trip by going directly from the centre of the city to Salthomen by tram. At Saltholmen the ferries leave for all the small islands. Super easy and relaxed.

Our first stop that morning was Brännö in the south of the archipelago. On the way there I got very impressed by the scraggy yet beautiful islands, which are all kind of special in their own way, according to the locals. And they should know.

Arriving at Brännö we first ate an early lunch at Brännö Varv. This was once an old ship wharf (and still looks like that), but today they have made a Bed & Breakfast with a charming outside restaurant out of it. Unfortunatelty I don’t understand anything of what the old swedish sailor tried to tell me. Where is Carl? I could need your for translation.

Probably he was already with one foot on the next ferry. This one brought us to Vrångö, the southernmost of all islands. There we were already awaited by Håkan. He established the accomodation Kajkanten Vrångö here against all odds and you can see he had a lifetime of hard work and time spent outside. Despite the heavy rain he immediately started telling us a few stories about the background of the island and its habitants while we walked to the hotel.

After getting dry again in our cozy rooms we were already on the way back to the harbour in order to have a fika at the café there. While having tea and coffee Håkan told us exciting stories about pirates and local heroes from the past centuries. Afterwards he showed us all the places on the island he was just talking about. To heat us up again he had already let the floating sauna running. A small part of our group followed this invitation and enjoyed the awesome view from the little wooden house on the water. And during our third dip into the ocean it didn’t even feel that cold anymore.

Later that evening we had an entertaining dinner at a harbour restaurant, where the Swedes next to us sang a lot of traditional drinking songs and a tv team from Germany filmed us eating seafood. Then we finally visited the pilot hill. From up here once ships were prevented from catastrophical accidents and even longer ago the people were warned when pirate ships came sailing in. The lonely cottage on the hill is a great place to enjoy a spectacular sunset, no matter how harsh the wind gets.

The next morning started in style. Peter and Lena Busse invited us to their yacht. And what a yacht that was! The couple will quit their jobs in a few weeks and will live on their ship from that day on. And in the three cabins they will host guests from all over the world starting in January 2018. The breakfast tasted especially good on a 20 meter yacht, thanks to the joyfull company of our friendly hosts. We should meet them again later that day.

But first we conquered the sea on our own. A little armada of red kajaks smoothed out of the harbour and went directly between the sharp rocks. After a while the group decided to go back, only Kajsa and the author of this blog carried on to a place where the water was extremely calm. There we took some fun shots and just enjoyed the morning sun and the water itself.

Little later were we back on the yacht again with Peter and Lena and got even more of the fresh sea breeze in our faces. The “Sealife” showed how fast she could probably go on open water and I just enjoyed this moment. Summer, the ocean, Sweden and being on a yacht on my way to the next island of the archipelago. Could be worse.

A short good bye and off they were, dissolving into the glitter of the blue ocean water. Our next date was with Ola who runs the Pensionat Styrsö Skäret on the island Styrsö. A really traditional and vintage but not too old-fashioned hotel with great view near the waterscape. A short inspection of the rooms gave us a nice impression of the rich history of the house. Meanwhile the meal gave a glimpse into the culinaric extra class of the hotel as well (we had fish by the way). Another short stroll in the sun and then it was already time to return to Gothenburg, where I had to leave my new friends. My journey continued towards the inland.

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