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There are moments in life that make you feel like you’re in a movie. The first encounter with a special person for example or the goodby kiss in front of a leaving train. Or a roadtrip to the very north of Europe with two of your best friends in a car from the stoneage.

Zero hour for our small big adventure was at 5:45am in the beautiful morning sunshine of Berlin. Packed with Matti, Robin, Gieselherr the plastic crocodile as well as my humble self and an estimated 200kg of travel luggage Robin’s rusty Mercedes A-Class moved forward to Rostock – and off to new shores.

For Robin and the author of this text it was the first visit in the legendary mystical land of Norway. Matti on the other hand was lucky enough to spend nearly every second summer of his life there. His grandmother is Norwegian and married a german soldier in the commotions of World War 2. You can imagine the reaction of her fellow countrymen about this marriage, anyway what stayed until today is the family’s vacation cottage in Åndalsnes – our homebase for the next two weeks.

Even though we seemed like a welcome target for stop and search – three young men in an older car and Afroman on the radio – we did pass the border to Denmark and a little later the Öresund towards Sweden without any trouble. Commentary from the front seat: „Still looks exactly like home here.“ Well.

This didn’t change so quickly, anyway the probably most exciting part of our journey just began. We were speeding north alongside the swedish westcoast, passed Gothenburg („Haven’t I just been here?!“) and Oslo, the capital of Norway. For next couple of hours we didn’t turn left or right more than five times, left hundreds of kilometers of road behind us and finally reach a landscape that „looks much more like the real Norway“ (quote by Matti).

Luckily the summer days in the north still offer a lot of daylight so we were able to search for a appropriate place for our tents in a nice twilight. In the end we arrange our bivouac near a river with view of a decent waterfall. „Not a bad start“ I think to myself while I chew on a bouillon cube. The spaghettis with broccoli sauce didn’t go too well on the camping stove, nevertheless we all crawled happy yet exhausted into the tents.


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