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On day 3 of our Norway trip we treated ourselves with some rest after two extremely exhausting days of travelling. And if Norway has something to offer, then it’s ease and slow movement.

First we brought the cottage back in shape (during which Matti turned into the Reaper), afterwards we drove all the way round the fjord towards Åndalsnes. The smalltown is really contemplative and calm, dead boring haters would say. Matti seemed rather disappointed by how the town had become much more mass tourism orientated, since there is a cruising ship coming every three days now. The dark side of the growing tourism in a lovely destination, I guess.

In the afternoon we decided to rent a boat and go fishing on the fjord in order to completely wash away the travel stresses. It’s Matti’s and Robin’s duty to get us something for dinner, at least that’s the plan.

Unfortunately none of them had any luck with holding their fishing pole into the fjord, so reality was that we went home without the big catch. On top of that we got soaking wet thanks to the Norwegian summer rain constantly pouring down on us without any pity. The mood hit rock bottom, at least for the two kings of fishing. Meanwhile I was perfectly fine with just being ON A BOAT in the middle of a fjord, breathing sea air and thinking of not too much at all. It cheered my buddies up a bit that the old sea dog from the other boat didn’t catch anything as well. Perhaps it’s not just us then.

Against the frustration we cooked delicious spaghetti and my travel companions could build up their cracked self confidence by beating my ass in skat. But honestly, I didn’t care about that either. There was no better place on earth to be at this very moment than here, in a Norwegian cottage by the fjord, infront of the fireplace, playing card with two of my best friends, getting beaten up by them. Glorious.

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