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To leave the dishonour of the previous day behind us, we drove to Ålesund, a city build on a tongue of land where we wallowed in childhood memories with Matti.

First we got our engines running by climbing Aksla, the rather touristic mountain within the city. Here you can watch other tourists, who conquered the mountain with a sort of gypsy outfit and a bag of crisps. Even better is the view you get over the whole city and the mountains around.

After Matti and Robin had their Titanic moment on the summit, we mastered the way back down, ate fish and chips, surprisingly served by a German, and had a loser look on a construction site. Here they could have filmed the video for Alan Walker’s „Faded“ without a doubt.

The second ascent of the day finally led us to the peak of Hessa, which was way more challenging for us. At least the view of the surrounding islands was even better as well, at least when the cruising ship went out of side.

Standing on the top of the mountain we discovered a little beach, which we wanted to try immediately. Unfortunately we were only brave enough to get our feet wet. Anyway all three of us got pretty hungry, so we decided to head back home. On our way we picked up two hippie hitchhikers – germans, of course. They were on their way to Åndalsnes as well so we had some entertainment the whole drive.

In the evening the two fishing kings were desperate to restore their honour, therefore we headed to a rack and they threw their fishing poles out. And finally they were successful, even though the first catch of our trip was a sea star. But after that it got better. First Matti caught an obviously confused fish with bare hands (video available on request), then they ran a little competition. Final score was 2:2. And everybody was happy, the fishing honour was restored and I could shoot a magnificient sunset at the fjord. This is how I imagined this vacation.

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