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The weather forecast finally promised good weather with a lot of sunshine, therefore we planned to conquer the Romsdalseggen on day five of our Norway adventure.

What we didn’t consider while making our plans were the 400 Norwegians who gathered at the station from there the busses bring all the wanderers towards Venjesdalen, from where the Romsdalseggen tour starts. It was the first day of sun after three weeks of pouring rain. Clearly the Norwegians were desperate for some vitamin D.

We let the locals go first and wait over an hour, before we finally enter a bus together with a handful of young women. In the meantime we were served some tea by the nice Norwegian lady with the megaphone. Poor Robin was too greedy, so he burned his tongue and beard.

After a short ride over so called roads, we were exposed in the middle of nowhere and welcomed by two peacefully grazing sheep. Then we started with the tour and in the first hour we actually counted how many people we overtook on our way up.

Pretty quickly this got to exhausting for us, since a) the crowd became way too unmanageable (I think half of Norway’s population were with us on that mountain), b) the way turned out to be pretty challenging and c) the sun burned down on us without any pity. Especially the author of this blog really turned into a sauna here.

As we reached the so called Orchestra place, all of that was gone. Everything that mattered was the wonderful view over the whole Rauma valley and the Romsdalfjord. Robin and Matti got comfortable at the edge of the mountain while I sat back a good two meters behind them, eating bread and cheese. Yep, still afraid of heights.

Eating gave us new strength and after my attempt to sneak my way into a Norwegian family failed (this time), we headed towards the real tightrope walk. On this section you literally hang on ropes or chains from time to time, just one step away from slope. Luckily the tempo was rather slow, since as I mentioned before, half of Norway’s people were also on the ridge with us. For the second time during this vacation we were stucked in traffic – far away from civilization and even without a car.

Nevertheless we bravely mastered this stage as well and after a short break we continued with the last part of the tour – the long way down. None of us would have believed that the hardest part was yet to come.

After hours of mountain climbing, body and mind got tired, often my knees felt super weak and every 50 steps or so I thought I ripped my ACL. I stopped thinking, just put one foot infront of the other, again and again, just interrupted by a lose stone or the noise of your buddy tripping and sliding down the moody ground. Something you never want to hear. Which happened to all of us that day. Matti was hit the worst, but could grad a tree to save himself. Not today.

On the rim of our tires we made it back to civilization. I wasn‘t sure if I felt pride or anger that I pushed myself so hard on that day. Maybe I should prepare my body a little bit better next time I want to do stuff like this. At least Matti and Robin shared another Titanic moment at the viewing platform. I fought the urge to let myself fall down and kiss the ground, since half of Norway was watching me.

After we all got our well deservered shower, we carried the dining table outside on the terrace and ate the fishes we caught the prior evening with a magnificient view on the fjord and waterfall infront of us. And even though every bone in my body hurt, I was very clear in my head and totally happy about the way we mastered this first real test. Still I had to climb the stairs towards the bedrooms like I was Ivar, the Boneless.

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