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In terms of wandering it was lay day for us. Therefore we just took a small ride with the car, in order to have a closer look at a rather famous bridge for example.

Our first stop was an old bunker of the Wehrmacht from World War II. The whole bunker scenery with the big cannons looked pretty strange infront of the idyllic village. Matti took away the trepidation by imitating Dr. Strangelove – he just rode the cannon.

Next stop was the alreay mentioned Storseisund bridge on the atlantic road, which is pretty popular for its unconventional architecture. To be honest, it wasn’t that spectacular in the end, but at least we went to a nice little restaurant, where we were served some good local food.

The highlight of our little roadtrip was definitely the „beach“ at the fjord of Molde. There was a diving plattform at three and five meters height from which we could jump directly into the not to warm fjord water. Of course we showed all the tricks we got in store and even Alfons gets his short flight in front of a spectacular mountain panorama.

Afterwards we lay down at the beach – and got nearly hit by low flying pizzas. A pizza box was blown in the air by the wind and just rocketed close over our heads. There was really something in the air that day.

The rest of day was hard work in the garden. The grass grew really high since the last summer, so we trimmed it „a bit“ with both electric and classical scythes. Three young men working topless in the garden – if only grandma could have seen that.

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