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The eighth day of our Norway adventure brought us to Gudbrandsjuvet, where we were awaited by a thunderous canyon and delicious strawberries.

Unfortunately not for me since I have an intolerance. Anyway the canyon is pretty impressing, a bit too high for my taste though. I prefer the spot down the river, where we could enjoy the Norwegian summer sun much better.

Next we headed towards Velldal and took the ferry to the Geirangerfjord, which is promoted as the most beautiful fjord of the whole country. Beautiful it definitely is, but you should make an image by yourself. For us, it’s a bit too touristic.

We didn’t get a boat to Skageflå, so we had to change our plans and started our tour directly from Geiranger. At noon, at what felt like 30 degrees. Fantastic. My body shut down ten minutes into our walk and I was never closer to just quit during our trip than I was at this particular moment.

But if you get pass a certain point, then a lot is possible. Soon the way got less intense and the fun was back. We had a break at a cliff and watched two kajakers on their way on the deep blue fjord water. Suddenly I realised that the height didn’t bother me any longer. Norway had made the fear go away.

Once more the reward followed when we reached the summit. First we recovered a bit at the lonely mountain hut, before we headed to the point which gives you a perfect view on the Seven Sisters. Seven waterfalls crushing down into the fjord – one of Norway’s most popular wonders of nature. At this country has a lot of them.

Still my personal highlight of the day was our dinner at the viewing plattform of the Geirangerfjord. After we showered under the tiny waterfall near the parking lot, letting the asian tourists a bit puzzled behind, we brought out our camping equipment and cooked the most heavenly tasting spaghettis ever. That’s how I like it!

In order to fulfill Robin’s wish as well, we drove to a hydroelectric power station. At least we tried to, but didn’t succed in the end. Anyway we found something else, in my opinion much more interesting. A half-filled dammed lake with a terrifyingly high wall. Of course I was asked to prove that my fear of heights had really gone away. I did with pleasure, since the view of the valley in the low evening light was just magnificient.

Talking about the low evening light, that was what gave us a tiny near-death experience. When we left a tunnel our front shield was steamed up and the low light was blinding, so Robin already drove at walking speed. Anyway we told him to just stop and when we looked out of the side windows, realized we were just one meter far from a guardrail. Not today, death!

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