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After a week in Matti’s cabin we had planned to really kickstart our adventure trip. For week two we scheduled a hike through the magnificient Dovrefjell national park that would last several days.

The Dovrefjell tempted us with its phenomenal landscape and its scraggy habitant – the famous musk ox. Around 200 animals are currently living in the park, and the numbers are slightly increasing. I have to mention though that none of us had ever tried such kind of a hike, where you literally live from everything you can carry on your back.

Anyway, all possible sorrows were blown away by the splendid sunshine we experienced the morning we left the cabin behind. We didn’t have to make it ready for the winter since Matti’s parents would arrive a few days after us, so we departed early.

This allowed us to make a quick stop by a thunderous river and gave Matti the opportunity to tell us some stories he was told by his parents or grandparents. For example there have been soldiers from the Third Reich here, who tried to ride the rapids in a barrel, which caused several deaths. Nazis in Norway is a chapter of World War 2 that wasn’t subject in school at all and little do I know about this part of our history. So I decided to do a little research once I am back home.

After we decided to buy none of the offered reindeer furs at the little shop for our hike, we continued our drive to the north. With any kilometer we left behind, the weather went worse and worse until it finally began to rain heavily. A quick look at the weather forecast for the next few days gave me the feeling, that we may not be completely prepared for the kind of hike we were planning to do.

Before we left civilization completely behind us, a few postcards were send towards Germany. Then we parked the A-Klasse on an abandoned parking lot in the middle of nowhere, put on our rain capes and marched on, passing the hiker’s hostel and the military base and into the Dovre.

The stage of our hike should only need an hour, until we reach the beautifully constructed reindeer pavillon, where we planned to heat ourselves up again and to prepare our night camp. Unfortunately the mood was going down the sink with any minute we had to walk through the ruthless Norwegian rain. We were definitely neither mentally prepared nor equipped for five days of constant rain.

Dripping wet we finally reached the pavillon, arranged our clothes infront of the fireplace and sat down next to the couple of other hikers. After a while we were all by ourselves, so we started to play cards and talked about whether if and how we could actually continue with our plan.

In the end we decided that it would be neither fun nor clever to ramble through the park under these conditions and that we should rather make a strategic withdrawal.

Like this, we enjoyed a short moment where the rain stopped for a minute and the sun illuminated the fog around the pavillon in bright red and pink. Then we started to head back to the car, since it is forbidden to stay in the pavillon overnight. And we didn’t want to camp in the not so inviting surrounding either. So the second part of our vacation went down the toilet a bit. But the trip wasn’t completely over yet.

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