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Even though we had decided, with heavy hearts, to call off the rest of our Norway trip and to head home instead, there were still some beautiful moments left in store for us.

First of all we went all the way down south, left lane always, now and then with even more than 80 km/h (which could be much more often since they have so many good roads). Desperate to leave the miserable weather and the broken dreams behind. Especially Matti seemed really disappointed that we had to cancel our tour through the Dovrefjell.

Just short from the Swedish border, with the return of the sun, the smiles were all back as well, so we stopped by a little lake and gave Alfons another swimming lesson. Furthermore we could finally let all our clothes dry, which were still soaking wet from the previous day.

Unfortunately the distance to Germany was too high to be driven in a day, so when the sun started to set, we had to look for a place where we could spend the night. Of course there weren’t many good places for that anywhere near Malmö and we didn’t want to camp in a natural preserve, which is forbidden anyway.

After a short discussion we decided to build our tents at the edge of the village next to some other mobile homes. When finished, we strolled to the cute little harbour and prepared our dinner there: delicious packet food which was originally meant for our Dovrefjell trip.

Our minds and thoughts wandered a bit, while the camping cooker was bubbling and some hard-boiled Swedes jumped into the ocean for an evening swim. For me there was borscht on the menu, what I figured out was a big, big mistake. I could only manage to eat a few spoons of it, the rest went straight to the fish. This will never affect the great memories of this trip I made during the last two weeks, though.


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