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When I was sick last autumn with a nasty streptococcus illnes and had to stay in bed for a week, I discovered an unbelievable well made new tv show.

Fans of the nordic noir will already know it, since The Bridge (Swedish: bron / Danish: broen) is a real blockbuster in Scandinavia. Basically the plot twists around the Danish police from Copenhagen working together with their Swedish colleagues from the other side of the Öresund in Malmö. They need to solve really horrible crimes of which the first one is discovered on the Öresund Bridge – a bridge that connects the two nordic neighbours since July 2000 and gave the show its name.

The Bridge thrills the audience with a clever story line, hilariously ambivalent main characters and a pretty dark mood, which puts the shadow parts of the often romanticized scandinavian society in the spotlight. All that accompanied by the remarkably fitting main theme.

Now I had the chance to visit both cities on a single weekend. So far I had only travelled to Malmö for a day in 2014. Even when the late august weather was a bit too sunshiny for this themed trip, it’s still extraordinary seeing two of the most exciting nordic cities within two days. From now on there is little to do except waiting for the fourth and final season of my new favourite show from the north.

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