What is the first thing you shouldn’t do when you go on a trip? It’s probably missing your flight.

What is the second thing you must not do? Missing the newly booked second flight as well.

At least we managed to avoid the double miss (by minutes) and finally made it to Ireland, at some point. Together with Henning and Christoph, I left the continent for a one week adventure on the green island. After the first night, a fourth compagnon was set to join us: Robin, who flew from Berlin instead of Düsseldorf, should complete our mighty team of fearless travellers.

I’ve read so many books which plot took place in Ireland and even spend an English semester at school discussing the conflict between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Protestants versus Catholics, the Orange and the Green. Therefore I was really excited to discover the country with my own eyes. My first priority was the landscape of course rather than violent history, while some others were rather looking for the next pint.

After we had recovered from the rocky journey to Dublin, we started to make plans about what we all wanted to visit. Finally, we went for Dublin castle, Temple bar and Phoenix park. And for a couple of pubs, of course.

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