After Lorena had visited me in Hanover, it was my turn to get on the train and I ride it all the way across the country and the border, right into the heart of the alps. I knew I would come back to Innsbruck, where I spend my 24th birthday the year before.

The record summer of 2018 was still peaking, and still we decided to go on an ambitious adventure, where we would eventually conquer the famous Nordkette in the north of the city. Unfortunately we only made it to the Höttinger Alm, where I could finally catch my breath again and refresh with Skiwasser and Fritattensuppe (while being all jealous of the ever happy house pig napping in the shadow).

Due to the high temperatures and a wrongly chosen path, this was the highest point we reached that day. Which was fine be me, since I’m far from being such a mountain goat as my lovely guide is.

At least I was rewarded with a little swim in the Sillschlucht, which is on the other side of town, near the famous Bergisel. You only get there with a litte hike, but the reward is so, so much worth it. This is definitely my new favourite place in Innsbruck!

On the other day, we went to the Alpenzoo, which is the highest zoo in the world (I guess). They have plenty of animals there, even a brown bear, wolves, lynxes and many more majestic creatures. Nevertheless I couldn’t stop feeling a bit pity for those caged animals, especially the birds and bigger animals.

For the rest of my stay we just enjoyed the perfect weather inside the city (even though there were thunder clouds rolling in from time to time), with sitting by the river and dusk being probably my favourite thing to do in the summer time.



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