My good friend Robin visited us in Innsbruck after his ski trip in through Zillertal. Robin owns an old 1986er VW van, that he renovated all by himself with his brother and father.

With a lot of good belief we forced Robin’s old van the icy roads upwards toward lake Achensee. There we went for a “little hike”, which turned basically to walking through snow knee-deep for like four hours. Apart from the horribly wet socks, it was a great hike.

Afterwards, we stopped by Schloss Tratzberg near Jenbach. Unfortunately the castle was closed for the season, but at least we could snap some more beautiful pictures.

Before Robin left us for Vienna and Budapest, we had dogsitting duties to fulfill. We had the pleasure to take care of Enjio, a one year-old Australian Shepherd, who is in puberty derp mode at the moment. With him, we took on a long walk to Schloss Ambras, another castle near Innsbruck. And we had big time fun playing with him in the snow.

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