I spent another few days with my girlfriend in Innsbruck and while she was busy working in the lab, I embraced the first day of sun in 2019 (maybe a bit pathetic, yes) and went on another stroll through the beautiful streets of the Alps’ capital.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring me as much joy as I’m used to since by now, I mostly know every part of Innsbruck, have taken photographs in nearly every street and infront of every building. So I was lacking a bit of creativity and felt not really satisfied after I caught up with my girlfriend again later that day.

I didn’t even bother post processing the captures until a few days later, when I recovered from my own strange expectations towards the city and myself. Then I discovered that I had still managed to grab some pretty nice shots and that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Therefore I’m happy to share the best images of that day with you guys!

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