Last week I had an appointment in Wunstorf, which is around 20 minutes far from Hanover if you take the train.

Afterwards I still had plenty of time (one and a half hour speaking precisely) to kill, before my mum was ready to pick me up after work. Therefore I decided to start walking home, which is normally a drive of around 15-20 minutes, but by foot would take around two hours minimum.

Luckily I had packed my camera and the weather was perfect, so I had no hurry to make it home so soon. I literally stopped at every flower field or pretty tree that I spotted and completely forgot time. So when my mum finally picked me up shortly after 1 p.m., I had managed to make 2/3 of the way (which isn’t too bad), but also had my face and neck a little bit burned by the sun.

Once more I didn’t think that the spring sun would be already so strong. That’s why I launched a new rule: Whenever leaving the house for more than 15 minutes on a bright day, sun screen factor 50+ has to be used! 

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